Protection of Personal Data (GDPR)

In the activities of Amagasaki Pipe Czech, s.r.o. (APCZ), personal data processing takes place. The company has implemented measures in accordance with GDPR regulations and the Personal Data Protection Act to safeguard the provided personal data. Further information regarding the processing of personal data will be provided to you promptly during any such processing.

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Whistleblower Protection

In accordance with Law No. 171/2023 Sb., the internal whistleblowing system, which has been in operation in our company since its inception, has been regulated. The internal whistleblowing system serves for reporting potential unlawful conduct:

  • Conduct that the whistleblower learned about in a work context, and at the same time,
  • Conduct that, according to the whistleblower, poses a threat or harm to public interest in areas specified by the directive (e.g., public procurement, prevention of the legalization of proceeds from criminal activities and the financing of terrorism, consumer protection, environmental protection, or protection of the financial interests of the European Union).

Obligations of the Whistleblower

The reporting person should have, given the circumstances and information available at the time of reporting, a valid reason to believe that the reported or disclosed facts are authentic and true. Intentionally reporting knowingly false facts may be subject to sanctions. The whistleblower should act in the public interest and in good faith, believing that the information provided is based on credible facts and circumstances. The whistleblower should be able to identify the areas to which the unlawful conduct relates and consider what verifiable information about the reported unlawful conduct can be provided. The scope and quality of the information presented may positively influence the investigation of the report.

How to Report

1) Internally

  • By phone at  +420 377 517 112 or +420 377 517 113
  • By email:
  • In writing to the address: 
    Amagasaki Pipe Czech, s.r.o.
    Japonská 461
    331 44 Kožlany
    The envelope must be marked with the words "Do Not Open – To the Attention of the GA Manager" and sent by registered mail.
  • In person (by prior arrangement at the above telephone number)
    The person responsible for receiving and investigating the report is the GA Manager .

2) Externally

  • Through the external reporting system of the Ministry of Justice – Submit a Report

What Happens After a Report is Submitted?

  • The designated person will assess whether the report meets the conditions for processing under current legislation and inform the whistleblower within 7 days of receiving the report.
  • The designated person will investigate the information in the report, and if confirmed, will take appropriate steps, including proposing corrective measures or taking further actions, such as referring the report to law enforcement authorities or other relevant public authorities.
  • The results of the investigation and proposed measures will be communicated to the whistleblower within 30 days of notification of the report.

How Our Company Processes Personal Data in Reports or Maintains Confidentiality

  • Further information about the processing of personal data by our company is provided above.
  • The confidentiality of information is ensured by establishing an internal whistleblowing system, where reports are processed exclusively by one person. Paper documents related to this agenda are secured against unauthorized access.
  • Electronic communication via the email address is secure, and access is exclusively granted to the GA Manager and HR Manager.

Information for whistleblowers can be found on the Ministry of Justice website: Information for Whistleblowers.

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